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It’s hard for women to keep their weight at bay as they gain weight quickly when compared to men. Many women just can’t figure out why they started to gain weight after the age of 40-45 and many suspected that the reason for weight gain might be Menopause. So does menopause cause you to weight gain? Or not? The short answer is definitely yes. Let’s see what exactly happens.

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Five subsidiary enterprises of “Yiwan Textile Group”——Shaoxing Shiyuan Textile Co., Ltd, Shaoxing Fengge Textile Co., Ltd, Shaoxing Tuntun Textile Co., Ltd, Shaoxing Wanye Textile Co., Ltd and Anhui Yiwan Textile Co., Ltd. Group headquarter locates at the world’s largest textile distributed base――Shaoxing Keqiao China Textile City. The product registered trademark is “New Yiwan Cloth Industry”.