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Agricultural Irrigation Schemes Should Be Given Priority: Brijmohan Agrawal Open the blog

Chairman of task force committee appointed by the Central government and cabinet minister of Chhattisgarh Shri Brijmohan Agrawal said that all the 99 projects which are selected under Prime Ministers Agricultural Irrigation Scheme should be given priority. They all must be completed in time without any fail in all states. Shri Agrawal gave these instructions to the officials of Water Resources Department of all the states in a review meeting which was organized in New Delhi's Shram Shakti Bhawan. In that meeting, all the committee members and Telangana's Minister of Water Resources was also present. In that meeting, Shri Agrawal said that it can be an opportunity for all the states to complete their pending projects. He had said that for the pending projects Central Government had provided concessions along with some great amounts through NABARD. This scheme of about 77 thousand crore rupees will develop the irrigation facilities to a large extent and farmers will get comprehensive benefits. The three projects of Chhattisgarh selected under this scheme were also discussed in this meeting. Under this scheme, three projects of Chhattisgarh namely, Kelo, Manihari and Kharang has been included. Kelo project which costs Rs 317.80 crores, Rs 205.60 crores for the project of Manihari and Rs 3.34 crores for Kharang has been provided. Gujrat has implemented a successful experiment of moving water through the pipeline for micro projects in the state. On this basis, committee's chairman and cabinet minister of Chhattisgarh बृजमोहन अग्रवाल encouraged other states for the adoption of this experiment after creating a guide line. He suggested the provision of providing benefits under the central government's scheme for the irrigation of forest covered areas such as Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and Odisha through solar pumps. This technique can help farmers for easy irrigation of crops.